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Architectural forms as complex as snowflakes? Here’s what they look like up close

Posted in Latest technology on July 30, 2012 by techhbuzzz

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Architect Michael Hansmeyer is not one for the T-square. As he explains in a fascinating talk from TEDGlobal, this “computational” designer took inspiration from nature — specifically from morphogenesis, aka the splitting of cells — and created algorithms that help him design highly unusual shapes. Instead of the same old boring Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns that have been around since ancient Greece, Hansmeyer’s columns contain fascinating folds, curves and cuts — more akin to the snowflakes you made in elementary school than to traditional architectural forms.

And yes, Hansmeyer actually builds these works — in fact, the column to the left was on display at TEDGlobal 2012. Check it out above.

Below, more of Hansmeyer’s out of the box every-shape-we-know creations.


Four columns, designed using Hansmeyer’s algorithmic process.

Here’s what a hall filled with Hansmeyer’s columns would look like.

An observer checks out the strange details of a…

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6 stunning photos from Giles Duley

Posted in Latest technology on July 30, 2012 by techhbuzzz

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Giles Duley

When Giles Duley left behind life as a music and fashion photographer and began criss-crossing the globe, photographing forgotten people — those with mental illness, living on the streets, residing in refugee camps and surviving in the crossfire of war — he felt a certain level of separation from his subjects. But then something happened that brought him into the story he was telling about suffering and survival. While in Afghanistan, Duley stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED). He lost both his legs and an arm.

“At first, I was devastated by what had happened. I thought my work was over. [Nothing made] sense to me,” says Duley in a powerful, must-watch talk from TEDxObserver. “It was the stories I’ve documented that inspired me to get through the last year. To survive. To get back up on my new legs and to come tell their stories but also…

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Five Steps for a Secure Cloud Transition

Posted in Latest technology on July 30, 2012 by techhbuzzz

Bill Mullins' Weblog - Tech Thoughts

In this post, guest author David Maman, CTO and founder of GreenSQL – the database security company – lays out a series of simple steps for cloud migration – ensuring security is systematically addressed.

Five Steps for a Secure Cloud Transition

imageAlmost every type of SMB is examining it’s current IT infrastructure, determining what data and processes can move to the cloud. Of course, security remains one of the biggest concerns.

Here are five steps to make the transition much safer for your data, and your company:

1. Understanding my “Attackability Surface”: Before considering migrating to the cloud, map every project component, and map all the hazards. Including which operating systems will be used, which applications will be installed, which types of security mechanisms are required for each component and, which types of access are required for each service running on this cloud.

Generally, after truly understanding the project scope…

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8 extremely popular Chinese internet memes

Posted in Latest technology on July 30, 2012 by techhbuzzz

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Michael Anti at TEDGlobal 2012

When it comes to the internet, the Chinese government may have taken inspiration from the Great Wall of China and created the largest digital boundary in the world, blocking 500 million users from accessing the global-standard social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. But blogger Michael Anti, whose real name is Jing Zhao, explains in a vivid talk given at TEDGlobal 2012 that the internet landscape of the world’s most populous country is far more complicated than that simple story. Chinese innovators have copycatted popular Western social media sites. While we have Google, China has Baidu. While we have Facebook, China has RenRen. While we have Twitter, China has Weibo — and 300 million microbloggers using it, as 140 characters allows for a full paragraph to be written in Chinese.

In his talk, Anti looks at some of the fascinating ways in which social media are changing Chinese life…

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Microsoft removes start button in Windows 8….

Posted in Latest Software on February 6, 2012 by techhbuzzz

Say goodbye to the Windows start button. Microsoft has gotten rid of it from the latest build of Windows 8.
Hitting the Web over the weekend, screenshots of the new Windows 8 build display the “super bar,” but without the start button orb on the left, according to The Verge. Build 8220 will be the final version released before the beta, now known as the Consumer Preview, debuts before the end of the month. For read more…

How to Copy Music from Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to Your Computer for Free

Posted in Latest Software, Random trick'ss on February 6, 2012 by techhbuzzz

Apple, true to form, makes it simple to put media and files on your iDevice but the road really only goes one way. It can be pretty difficult to copy anything (or everything) back to your computer without a lot of trouble and sacrifice, but it’s even harder to find a good, free solution to that problem amongst the many choices available. You could spend the better part of your week sifting through your options, or you could just read this post instead… read more.

Posted in Latest technology on February 4, 2012 by techhbuzzz

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If you feel like it’s a chore to keep up with all your favorite blogs, you can now read posts from all the blogs you follow (even the ones that aren’t on!) in one convenient place on the home page:

Your reader displays all the posts across all the blogs you follow in the order they were published, with the most recent content appearing at the top. You’ll see an excerpt of the introduction to each post, the first image in the post, and thumbnails of any other images that the post contains.

You can even like and reblog content directly from the reader (we’re working on bringing reblogs back to the toolbar!) using the icons in the top right corner of each post:

Whether you’re at the computer or using the WordPress app on an Android or iOS mobile device, having all the posts from the…

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